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John Milkins

John Milkins

Clubs played for: Portsmouth, Oxford United. (1960-1978).

Born: 1944

Birthplace: Romford

Position: Goalkeeper

Biography: John Milkins made his debut as a 16 year old in the club's last game in the first division but then had to wait another two years before his next appearance. Originally from Essex, the youngster joined the ground staff and lived in the hostel run by Duggie Reid. He went on to become one of the best keepers of the time and one of Pompey's most reliable players. Making almost 400 appearances in total, he once saved three penalties in a game against Notts County and was named Player of the Year in 1969. After 14 years service he played out the final part of his career at Oxford United. He ran his own sports shop at the top of Commercial Road for many years but once he had retired from te game he worked as manager for a club that owned snooker halls including the Pot Black club in Southampton. Player of the year in 1969.

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Milkins, John As a young Schoolboy in Dagenham, (now 79 as at 2023) I played against his School which I believe was named John Perry, he was head & shoulders above us skinny kids & can almost remember he had a bit of a blue beard at about 13/14, I even managed to score a couple of goals against him, at the time he also played for Dagenham boys I seem to remember?

If you played for Dagenham in those days, we looked on those as our heroes, especially if they made it professionally. I always remember him playing for Portsmouth at a young age, that was my claim to fame having played against him, as I did Martin Peters!
02-07-23 Arthur Precious

Milkins, John Top bloke - he was the manager of my school team in Emsworth for a little while in the 1980s
21-04-20 Julian Wood

Milkins, John Hi. I used to go to most Pompey Games along with his then girlfriend/wife Jill. Such happy times singing our heads off. Lived in South Africa for 30 years and now my little grandson, who is turning 9 years, is going to be a mascot for Pompey for a game on Saturday 16th March and I will be at that game for the first time since 1973. Wow!
01-12-18 Frances Newell (Keast)

MILKINS, John He is now living in Emsworth near Portsmouth.

Milkins, John I was at infants junior and for a time senior school in dagenham. We played schoolboy football. Our goal keeper was a kid called Tom. I remember john learning to play in goal he was always taller than most of us. I only saw him in one match. Fa cup match against arsenal. Happy memories glad he did well.

Milkins, John I remember John Milkins as, his parents had a sweet shop near Highland Road in Portsmouth. my school was only a short distance away from the shop. I remember myself and other kid's from my school going into this shop and meeting and talking to John. he was very friendly indeed so was his parents named Ivy & Bert. good happy golden memories that I treasure to this day.

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