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Henry Mowbray

Henry Mowbray

Clubs played for: Blackpool & Bolton Wanderers.




Biography: A Full Back he played in the Football League between 1967-73. Before joining Blackpool he played for Cowdenbeath and on leaving Bolton Wanderers he joined St Mirren for a short spell. He later went to Australia and played for Hakoah Sydney City later becoming a coach there. At this time he also worked for the Australian government. After seven years he returned to Scotland and lived in Dunfermiline. He managed an amateur team East Port. He later worked for Saltire Hospitality a company into catering and event co-ordination. He did a variety of jobs there. He still lives in Dunfermiline.

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Mowbray, Henry I saw him score what was a rare goal for him in the seventies and special because Blackpool beat West Ham and scored five against them in the FA Cup. West Ham were led by none other than Bobby Moore and Ron Greenwood was angry because they had been out partying the night before
01-11-18 William sandwell

Mowbray, Henry Played for Southport Reserves against Mr Mowbray after I left school at 16 around 1971-72, he was playing for Bolton Wanderers 'A' team in the Lancashire League (2 steps down for him, from the first team) I was brought on as a sub and had better success than the previous young winger who I replaced. Mr Mowbray had been very complimentary to me after a couple of crosses, efforts at goal and a corner or two smiling and saying 'your good aren't you? 'After about the third or fourth time I had 'laced' him and nearly created a goal for our team, he turned to me, smiled and said if you do that again I'll break your f...king leg. As he was smiling when he said this, I was bemused and gave him a confused mid-puberty look, to which he replied 'now f..k off to the other wing'. Acting on reliable first hand information I duly obliged the experienced smiling Mr Mowbray. His information was more than valuable as I spent the remainder of the half in the more convivial company of the left winger of 'our' team, who spoke to me incessantly saying 'go back to your own wing'. After the game I was interrogated by the manager and more experience old pro's Alan Taylor (ex-Blackpool goalkeeper) and Sandy Brown (ex-Everton defender) why I vacated a position where I was having such success against a reputable rugged 1st Division defender who hadn't been able to get near me. I had to admit I had been threatened by this beast of a man (10 years older than me with hairs coming out of his nostrils and ears, and thigh muscles like tree trunks) smiling at me and threatening to do me harm, (at my tender age and boyish physical stature - 5ft 5in & size 5 shoe!) I basically 'shit' myself and run. The manager and older pro's howled laughing at my predicament and advised me I had fell for the oldest 'con' trick in the book, and that was for Mr Mowbray to have an easy game and not look bad. Needless to say I never got 'bullied' out of a game again and learn't not to listen to what other players said to me. Thanks Henry, you didn't break my leg! but taught me the power of words, but I learnt the meaning of the saying 'actions speak louder than words' The good old 70's eh!

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