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Peter Nicholas

Peter Nicholas

Clubs played for: Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Luton Town, Aberdeen, Chelsea, Watford, (1976-1993)

Born: 1959

Birthplace: Newport, Gwent

Position: Defensive Midfield

Biography: An uncompromising defensive midfielder who was bought in along with Graham Roberts by Bobby Campbell for £350,000 in August 1988, to add extra bit and composure to midfield with immediate reward as the club cantered to a Second Division Championship, a decade after he first won the same title with Crystal Palace. Became only the second Chelsea skipper to lift a trophy at Wembley when the club won the Full Members Cup in 1990, but when Campbell decided that it was time to give youth a chance the following season he was sold to Watford for £175,000 aged 31. Welsh international coached the youth teams at Chelsea and Palace where he also became assistant manager, now back to Wales managing Barry Town, Newport and until 2009 Llanelli and then joined the Neath coaching staff.

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Nicholas, Peter Peter was my dad’s cousin. I am a Liverpool fan and my dad took me to see Liverpool as an 11 year old. We went away to Luton a few years later and watched the players off the coach. My old man said alright Pete as he got off, he came over and they reminisced about my dad babysitting him. He told my dad he’d see us in the players lounge after the game. It was the best day ever for a 13 yr old Liverpool fan I met my idols having a few beers after the game (it was the 80s) Rush and Dalglish, Hansen and Lawrenson. Plus I was related to a First Division footballer. Peter seemed really pleased to see my dad, Bernard, and they talked for ages whilst I got autographs. Still my favourite memory of travelling to see Liverpool.
24-02-23 Stephen Corten

Nicholas, Peter I remember Peter with fondness. I especially loved his battles with Graeme Souness, which were worth the admission !!
03-06-21 John Sexton

Nicholas, Peter Lol so surprised when I found out my great uncle was a footballer had no clue.
31-08-20 Madeline

Nicholas, Peter Remember him at Aberdeen! Live in North London and a player who played for my team and Arsenal!

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