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George O' Brien

George O' Brien

Clubs played for: Leeds United, Southampton, Leyton Orient, Aldershot. (1956-1967).




Biography: Netted an impressive 178 goals in his 277 games for Southampton then became a publican in town running the Star & Garter, Freemantle.(Third Division championship with Saints in 1960)

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O' Brien, George Did this gentleman used to drink in The Waggoners? Was just talking about him!
07-01-21 Kat

O' Brien, George George O'Brien died in March this year in Southampton aged 84. 14-9-2020
15-09-20 David Walton

O' Brien, George Known as shorty due to his height and before he played for blairhall he always got to play with older players in the park behind his home in Dunfermline. He did return to play for Dunfermline before he retired

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