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Alan Peacock

Alan Peacock

Clubs played for: Middlesbrough,Leeds United & Plymouth Argyle




Biography: Retired through injury in 1968 aged 30.He had won 6 England caps scoring 3 goals. He then returned to Middlesbrough & ran a newsagents business. He worked as a match day host for Middlesbrough & founded the Middlesbrough Former Players Association in 2005.In the same year he became president of non league Guisborough Town.

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Peacock, Alan Would Love to meet and chat with Alan Peacock. He was a proper old school striker and a great signing for Leeds
02-10-22 Philip Morley

Peacock, Alan Perhaps a little ancient, I played with Alan at Smeaton St and Lawson. At Smeaton St we used to go to summer camp at Hexham. The camp owner/manager had chickens we got the job of feeding them. To do this we had to pass through the girls side of the camp, very interesting. Alan broke his arm on our last trip. We were playing an exhibition game versus the boys from Carlisle for the parents.
02-07-21 Brian Mitchell

Peacock Went to Smeaton Street School, North Ormesby, with Alan. Two memories come to mind, Alan only used to eat the skin off of an apple then he would give it away. Then I was in Marris Street playing when Alan was riding his bike up the street, I tried to stop him to chat and it ended up him falling off his bike, he wasn't pleased with me.

Peacock, Alan Met Peachy last week at a Sporting Chance, fitness for men over 50,event where he did a spot with Frank paraffin. He's fit and well and agreed to talk to the Cleveland retired men's association

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