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Darren Peacock

Darren Peacock

Clubs played for: Bristol Rovers, Newport County, Hereford United, QPR, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United (loan), Wolverhampton Wanderers (loan) (1984-2000)

Born: 1968

Birthplace: Bristol Rovers

Position: Centre-back

Biography: Peacock retired in 2000 after nearly becoming paralysed when he collided with team mate Michael Oakes which caused damaged vertebrae in his neck and compression to his spine. He now lives with his family in Portugal.

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Peacock, Darren Darren is my bestest friend. Trev Sinclair is also my very good friend too.
09-12-20 Danny Sutherland

Peacock, Darren June 1986? John Macey of Newport County organised game between Bristol City and Newport at Mathern near Chepstow. All other grounds were out of action at that time of year and John was curious that I was buying boots in his sports shop for immediate use. A Tuesday afternoon and two junior teams played out 0:0 draw. A few years afterwards john told me the reason for the game. Bristol had all youth places filled and were letting Darren go. But they felt he was too good to just discard and asked Newport if they might like to take a look. Hence the game and the rest is history.
Pleased to have been able to help - might see you one day at Mathern Athletic Club Darren?
16-02-19 Oscar from Chepstow

Peacock, Darren Darren is now back in the UK, living at Catterall, Lancashire, and managing Lancaster City FC, who have just appointed Trevor Sinclair as his assistant.

Peacock No longer living in Portugal
Theodora Peacock

Peacock, Darren When Darren played for Hereford Utd, I was in the reception /bar entrance, waiting to speak with Ian benbow who was a school friend, and a team mate of Darren's,, as I was talking to Ian, ( I had long hair at the time), somebody pulled it a couple of times from behind, as I turned Darren Peacock was stood behind me laughing, I think he was jealous that I had longer locks than he did, and he had long permed locks, I think at the time he had the same hairdresser, if anyone ever see's this or Darren, does he/they, remember away at Stockport county,on a 50/50,a nd he put his foot other side of the ball and let his knee do the rest, red on this occasion,,, Darren was an extremely well balanced, gifted center half, and more, had good vision, and skill full player, whom many Hereford Utd, now fc,,,,,! Followed through his career, hope he is doing well, and thankyou Darren peacock for many pleasurable memories, Darren Morris.

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