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Fred Pickering

Fred Pickering

Clubs played for: Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Birmingham, Blackpool, Brighton & Hove Albion (1959-1972)

Born: 1941

Birthplace: Blackburn

Position: Forward

Biography: Born in Blackburn he signed for his hometown club in 1959.Nicknamed 'Boomer' for his powerful right foot he was named in Englands provisional 1966 World Cup squad but a knee injury sustained in a F.A.Cup match meant he would not be selected for the final squad.He had won three caps for England during his Everton career & scored five goals which included a hat-trick on his debut against the USA.He finished his playing career in 1973 by which time he had made 354 league appearances for his clubs scoring 168 goals. He then worked as a fork lift truck driver.Now he still remains living in Blackburn at Mill Hill & occasionally watches them play.

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Pickering, Fred Had the pleasure of seeing Fred scoring 1 in the Liverpool 0 Everton 4 thrashing.
in 1964. Happy days.
21-06-19 Tony Gillow

Pickering, Fred RIP Fred one of the best
21-06-19 Dave Kendal

Pickering, Fred I played in the Feniscowles youth team against Fred in the under sixteen league in Blackburn before he went to the Rovers. This we had our own ground at Feniscowles which was full hollows and this particular Saturday the hollows were full of water from the recent showers. Fred being a big lad for his age and knew how to intimidate the opposition, I was playing right back and saw Fred bearing down to put me relieve me of the ball, as he got close I pushed the ball away from me but left my foot out. Fred did the best impression of a swan landing on water as he ploughed through the water that I have ever seen. I was rightly penalised but Fred never came near me again. I don't know if you remember those days Fred were you got changed by the pitch side and the only showers fell not too infrequent from the sky.

Pickering, Fred I remember going to the match when Fred Pibkering made his Everton dabut against Notingham Forrest. I went with my Dad and my mate Lawrence Bowles and we sat in the park end stand . The atmosphere was something else to remember especially when Everton got a corner and everyone would bang their feet on the floor and made so much noise ( wooden stand) . I was only 10 1/2, my Dad died in Dec that year but my mate & I will remember our first ever game watching our heroes the Mighty Blues with my Dad.

Pickering, Fred I was lucky enough to see Fred on his debut for Everton. My God, what an amazing experience. The atmosphere was electric, never sang so much in my life. Thank you Fred for the memories.

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