Rollo, Jim

Jim Rollo

Jim Rollo

Clubs played for: Hibernian,Oldham Athletic,Southport & Bradford City




Biography: A goalkeeper who was a baker & confectioner by trade. He moved to England in 1960 when he joined Oldham Athletic. He played in the Football League between 1960-66. After that he moved back to Scotland & lived in Blairgowrie. A serious accident with a fork lift truck meant he had to have his right leg amputated in 1989. He recovered and worked as a scout for Liverpool in the Highland Leagues. After a lengthy battle against cancer he died in October 2012 aged 74.

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Rollo, Jim I am sat here with both incredulity & a smile on my face at the fact that Big Jim Rollo is (thankfully) NOT Forgotten Jim was a larger than life character as was reflected by his tummy measurement - Jim liked a Pint or 7 I was informed Years later So when I as a tender young 10 Year Old was taken to my FIRST EVER 'LIVE' Footie match - My introduction to both Bradford City AFC & Football in general was standing behind Jim in Goal @ the Kop end Jim had nearly made a complete boll*x of an EASY save & JUST kept it out - (The match ended 0-0) So someone on the Kop shouted ....... 'Hey Rollo - You're Effing Crap' To which Big Jim turned round - Looked straight in my General direction + the 'Gob' who had just mouthed it ..........and Did no more than Shove TWO VERY LARGE FINGERS UP @ the Pratt who had criticised him ! ALSO - If 'looks' could've killed I would have been an innocent casualty of Big Jim's ire! From that moment on I was hooked - on the basis that this club employ nut cases in goal who are Not Afraid to Give AS GOOD AS THEY GET FROM THE CROWD! Hardly a study in Professional Sports Personnel's 'Self restraint' now - was it? I have laughed that incident of 50 Years ago many times & thank Big Jim for 'that introduction' to the etiquette (or lack of it) as relates to lower league (Division 4)soccer - God bless Jim c-:=

Rollo, Jim I used to play after school on the Merton Playing fields just off Heron Street and Jim used to be in charge of the shed on the playing fields. Every evening in the summer he would come and open the shed and lend the kids footballs and all the cricket gear including pads etc. I was about 14 at the time and 'going out' with a girl called Sandra Clarke and one evening as we walked towards the shed he sang to us 'Hello young lovers wherever you are'. We were dead embarrassed and just laughed. I will never forget that he was a lovely guy. Every 'home' Saturday I used to sell programmes at the 'Latics' and a quarter an hour after kickoff I would get behind Jims goal and he would always acknowledge me, that was a big deal when you were 14. Great guy!

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