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John Ruggiero

John Ruggiero

Clubs played for: Stoke City, Workington, Cape Town City, Brighton & Hove Albion, Portsmouth, Chester, Telford United (1974-1980)

Born: 1954

Birthplace: Stoke-on-Trent

Position: Forward

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Ruggiero, John John lives in Stoke still and is a very active and fit member of SCOBA stoke city old boys association. He is an excellent photographer of wildlife and we worked together for many years as after he retired from football he became a police officer and served in Cheshire constabulary in different parts of the Force area but mainly Crewe where he rose to Detective Sgt and was my tutor. A great sense of humour but very dogged, smart and highly professional. He does masses for charity with SCOBA still and had the nickname Italian Stallion because of his good looks. I never heard a bad word about him from anyone and he can still run marathons and plays lots of golf. He is a gent to be fair and a decent player in his day.
31-08-20 Steve beddows

Ruggiero, John John Ruggerio is a current and active member of stoke city old boys association (SCOBA) he enjoyed a very long and successful police career after football and has retired and lives in the Stoke area. He remains a very fit man with a keen eye for precise action posed wildlife photography and undertakes huge amounts of charitable work. A fantastic gent and ex colleague of mine without an ounce of ego.
12-08-20 Steve beddows

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