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John Saunders

John Saunders

Clubs played for: Mansfield Town, Huddersfield Town, Barnsley, Lincoln City, Doncaster Rovers. (1969-1980).




Biography: Was Chairman of Worksop Town FC, and owner of their Tigers Club but when they moved to a new ground in the town, he retained ownership of the old social club which he ran until his death in January 1998.

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SAUNDERS, John During the close season of 1973, playing for Huddersfield Town, John, Steve Baines and Stephen Smith came and worked on our farm for a short while, no big paypackets for footballers back then, he lived in Honley and drove a battered-ish Vauxhall Viva. Reason I remember the year was because Sunderland won the FA cup. Nice man John.
Sam Hinchliffe

SAUNDERS, John I played football with John at Mansfield Town fc many years ago. I was still at school in Selston when I my Mum came running up to school to see the Headteacher, she had received a telegram [ha, ha] that day saying I had been selected to play for the MTFC Youth team at Nottingham Forest. She had to beg the Head to let me leave half an hour early.... It worked, and I have fond memories of that game. John, Colin Foster, Barry Foster, played in the game and some bloke called John Robertson played for Forest....wonder what became of him? [Many] Years later I was doing some work for Mansfield Brewery and I was sent up to Worksop Town social club where John was Steward, we had a nice chat. Sadly, I never saw him again but remember him with fond affection. RIP John.
Paul Rawson

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