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Don Shanks

Don Shanks

Clubs played for: Luton Town, QPR, Brighton, Wimbledon. (1971-1983).




Biography: Known for being Stan Bowles gambling partner and for having dated Miss World 1977 Mary Stavin, coached at Brentford, Now a children's football coach, travelling around Europe and America.

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Shanks, Don Hi Don, not sure you remember me, my dad was John good friend and best man at your Dad Alex wedding to Molly. I remember visiting your Dad shortly before he passed away, he would tell me many funny stories about the things they both got up too. Miss them both.
17-07-23 Jim Bissett

Shanks, Don Don coached me in the United States and was good friends with my father, Jack Jasinski! Amazing soccer player, coach, and friends to my father. Hope all is well in your life!
02-03-23 Kimberly Jasinski

Shanks, Don I lived in the White City estate in Hammersmith. Dons family lived in a flat on the floor above.
When all the kids in the block played football we would not let him play because he was too young.
Pleased he has done so well.
15-10-21 Tom Prosser

Shanks, Don Hi Don. We are related I remember my dad James Shanks always talking about you and watching you playing for QPR.
08-09-20 Carol Lamont

Shanks, Don Hi Don remember me you visited us a few times when I was with Stan x just wanted to keep you updated xx
24-08-20 Avril

Shanks, Don Don get in touch mate if you are in England for a beer and get together. Remember the times playing cards at my mum and Dads with Gilly !! Alan Wulbern Rangers F.C

SHANKS, Don Hi, Shanks. As a boy I remember you used to coach us at Moberly school in Kilburn with Garry Gilbert, Tony Simpson, Alan Wulbern, Derek Hobbs etc . Real good times.
Pat wilson

Shanks, Don Don used to coach us at Rangers F.C.with Gary Gilbert and others. Had some good nights out with him and had some good laughs. He had a great sense of humour, good impressions would love to get in touch with him when in England.

Shanks, Don I was a good friend of Don,s when he was at Luton..when Shanksy got his first car we used to go to White City (he was from the White City estate) and Wembley and sometimes meet up with Stan if he was there..lost touch for a number of years when he went to QPR, then met him one night at Wembley and he told stories about time in OZ...

Shanks, Don Don, if you see this, Christine and I are in Texas. We'd love to see you. Call us!

Shanks, Don We are cousins,believe it or not. My Father,James Thomas Shanks was your Father's brother. (Can't remember his name) I remember sisters, Etta, Margaret, Annette and Little Jackie(brother). Get in touch perhaps?

Shanks, Don Friend here from Australia,haven't seen Don since he went back to England,coming to England soon,try to catch up.Regards Ron Miller

Shanks, Don Hi Don really sorry and sad to hear about Stan's medical condition. I played with you when in Australia with Wollongong. Watched you playing with QPR and scoring a great goal in one of your games. Hope you are keeping well - yours in football Andy Campbell

Shanks, Don don, just found you on here, nice to know you done well for yourself,we were at fulham for a while and use to hang out, Charlie cook, doug webb I loaned you a jacket one time for some function you were heading to, best wishes, stan

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