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John Sissons

John Sissons

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich City, Chelsea (1962-1974).

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Hayes, Middlesex

Position: Forward

Biography: Dave Sexton's last major signing for the club, when he was recruited for £70,000 from Norwich City in August 1974. The left-winger had clearly seen better days and he struggled to make a impact. Despite starting the first ten games of the season, he found himself out in the cold as soon as Sexton departed the club and only made three more appearances before his contract was cancelled, seven months after he arrived. Became the youngest player to score in a Cup Final in 1963 and now lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he is a partner in a successful motor products and warranty firm.

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Sissons, John Hello John. I hope you are well. I believe that I am your 3rd cousin. My dad's name was Eddie and we lived in Charlwood, Surrey. West Ham winning the Europe conference cup last week brought back memories of my first West Ham game watching you play in the 1965 Europe Cup winner's final cup at Wembley. I have been a West Ham fan ever since - all down to you! Regards. Graham
18-06-23 Graham Brabon

Sissons, John When I was a kid, Johnny Sissons was my favorite player...above Hurst, Moore and Peters etc...
24-09-22 James Wright

Sissons, John We played down Freeman’s Lane behind Haynes football ground. I think John had not long joined West Ham do you remember?

08-08-22 Bruce Stevens

Sissons, John Hello John I hope you are keeping well xx Barbara .

26-02-22 Barbara Burgoyne ( Ackerley

Sissons, John Hi John. I went to Mellow Lane and watched you score 9/10 goals. I played for the school and Hayes but am 4 years younger than you. I have a place in CT and FRANSCHHOEK for the past 20 years and believe you lived in Villasdorp as well. Would have been interesting to have met up, especially as have many West Ham fans. Hope this finds you well. Cheers Steve
26-01-22 Steve Ellyatt

Sissons, John I first saw John Sissons play for 'England Youth' as they were known at Wembley in 1963, 2 group matches and the Final. I was 11 and l thought he was fantastic, brilliant. As l got older l realised he wasnt quite Fantastic, but he was very good, and quick. So good l nearly became a West Ham fan !! Not quite though.
23-01-21 Ray Sylvester

Sissons, John Went to school at Mellow Lane in Hayes and I played for the school with John also U15s for Hayes Boys. We both grew up together from a young age and spent all our days playing football in the street. I can remember we bought a tandem to ride to school every day, great memories
07-11-20 Michael Westbrook

Sissons, John I played against John Sissons when I was on the ground staff at Tottenham Hotspur aged 15/16, the game was at Spurs training ground at Cheshunt. In the chat prior to the start of the game I was told to keep control of Sissons... That was the last I saw of him, like lightening!!!!
28-08-20 Mike Harris

Sissons, John Just want to say that John was my favorite ever West Ham player... I didn’t see much of him during the 60’s / 70’s as I’m from Dublin.. Only got to see him the Goal / Shoot mags..But I went to see him in a friendly Match when he had signed for Sheffield Wednesday when they played in Dublin ... Happy Days...⚒⚒
12-12-19 Jimmy Toner

Sissons, John Are we realated in any way? My dad's name was Ken Sissons and he loved West Ham

Sissons, John I played with John in the Colts from 1959. His knickname was 'chicken' as he had a distinct dislike of the physical side of the game ! My job during Tuesday and Thursday night training (I was still at school at the time ) was to kick him off the park at any and every opportunity in order to toughen him up !! Obviously didn't do him any harm !?!

SISSONS, John Hello. My husband is related to you in some way. His name is Keith Dean. Do you know the Coventrys? . There's Gail, Maisie and Dolly, Ivy and Hilda. My husband's grandmother was Hilda. Also there's Vi Coventry. I am on Facebook as Lesley Smith Dean. My email address is Looking forward to hearing from you. Lesley Dean
Lesley Dean

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