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David Speedie

David Speedie

Clubs played for: Brodsworth Welfare, Barnsley, Darlington, Chelsea, Coventry City, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Southampton, Birmingham City (loan), West Bromwich Albion (loan), West Ham United (loan), Leicester City , Crawley Town, Atherstone United, Hendon, Stamford, Harrow Borough, Crook Town, Darlington Railway Athletic, Rainworth Miners Welfare (1978-2007)

Born: 1960

Birthplace: Glenrothes, Scotland

Position: Striker

Biography: Scottish International striker with ten caps who had already enjoyed great goalscoring success with Chelsea, Liverpool and Blackburn when he joined Southampton and linked up with former Chelsea teamate Kerry Dixon, unfortunately they could not reproduce their exploits of old and found himself out of the team and loaned out on three separate occasions before being sold to his final league club Leicester. In all he scored over 150 career goals making well over 500 appearances. Now in his early fifties he is playing Church league football in Dublin for Francis AFC, having tried his hand at football agent and recruitment agencies. He now works for Setanta and RTE in Ireland where he hopes to permanently relocate

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Speedie, David I met David and the Coventry football team in Nobby’s bar in Coventry when we were working down there. Me and my workmates joined them drinking and playing pool and having a good time. I told my mates I was going to wind David up and started telling him that Liverpool were interested in him. He asked me if I was serious and I said I know you are being mentioned in the club. He insisted that we join them as they were moving on and several pubs later the full team were thrown out of the Tally Ho pub for being rowdy. Imagine my surprise a few weeks later when Liverpool really did sign him, I couldn’t believe it.
26-07-22 Jim jones

Speedie, David David Speedie in his one and only season at Ewood would always give 100 per cent. Shame Southampton wanted him as part of the Shearer deal.

24-04-22 steffan Gisicz

Speedie, David I remember climbing the metal fence at Coventry West End when Davis Speedie scored.

Speedie, David Only 5’7” but regularly outjumped 6’2” players when he was at Blackburn. Springs in his feet
19-01-22 Colin Livesey

Speedie, David An amazing, determined, hard, 110% effort giver in everything he ever does on or off the field. Speedo is my uncle although only 10yrs older and my mums only brother, he has been more like a brother to me as I grew up . He is a determined winner whether football, golf (beaten him numerous times) or trivial pursuit. It has given me so much joy and pride watching this man score goals all over the country that players a foot taller wouldn’t score! Top man. Thanks for all the free boots as well unc!
15-05-21 J Yorke

Speedie, David Family friend but lost touch when father died. Went all over with Liverpool and Dave.
03-04-21 Debbie

Speedie, David Yes I remember David playing with Chelsea but sold off to quickly. When at Liverpool he played only 12 games but still scored 6. Chelsea signed Kevin Wilson not as good as David.
12-02-21 Seamus meehan

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