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Gary Sprake

Gary Sprake

Clubs played for: Leeds United, Birmingham City (1961-1974).

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Swansea, Wales

Position: Goalkeeper

Biography: Shunned by his Leeds team mates for match fixing allegations made in a newspaper he still lives in Solihull. Briefly worked as a rep for a sports goods firm before spending 14 years at the local council as a training officer has now retired.


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Sprake, Gary Sprakey was a bloody good keeper,during his time at the club we were probably televised more than any other British club,hence the media make a big issue of any error by Gary .He made a few blunders as any keeper does during a career,and where as an outfield player can often get off lightly Gary got it in the neck.He dished it out too,going up for a croosed ball he would raise his knee to protect himself but at times would end up flattening an opposing centre forward.I remember he flattened Bobby Gould at Highbury (on Youtube) then at Elland Road probably about 68/9 i think Gould spat at him so Sprakey just went up and floored him with a brilliant smack to the jaw ,it was at the Kop end he may have been sent off.Gary had a mop of blond hasir,and one of his trademarks was his peaked green cap to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Sprake, Gary What a fantastic goalkeeper.

Sprake, Gary A fantastic goalkeeper and Welsh. I met Gary in the Angel Hotel, Cardiff in 1971. Leeds United were playing against a John Charles 11 in Johns testimonial. Being in a wheelchair the only accesible entrance to the hotel was through the basement. What a surprise I had when Gary, Billy Bremner & Jackie Charlton came down to the basement to meet me. They took me up to where all the players were gathered and gave me a ball to have signed by all the players. Gary had all the time in the world to chat and for me to have a photo taken with him (which I still have to this day). I will always remember that day and how friendly and a gentleman Gary was, I wish him and his family well and hope one day to meet him again

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