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Derek Statham

Derek Statham

Clubs played for: West Bromwich Albion, Southampton, Stoke City, Walsall. (1976-1991)

Born: 1959

Birthplace: Wolverhampton

Position: Full-back

Biography: An athletic and gifted Left-back who only won 3 England caps mainly due to competition from Kenny Samson, joined Saints from West Bromwich after nearly 300 league appearances, winning Saints player of the year in 1987-1988. He now lives on Spain's Costa del Sol where he runs his own business selling spas and hot tubs.

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Statham, Derek He regularly pops in to Ryders bar in Du Guesa, really nice fella.
22-09-22 Kevin Gollogly

Statham, Derek Heard Steve Coppell in interview where he said that Derek Statham was the most difficult opponent he had to regularly face and rarely got the better of him. Praise indeed.
09-08-22 Colin McDermott

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