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David Stewart

David Stewart

Clubs played for: Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, Swansea City. (1973-1980)

Born: 1947

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Position: Goalkeeper

Biography: Scottish international now lives on the Gower Coast and works as a goldsmith in Swansea.

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Stewart, David RIP Dave fantastic for us the year we won promotion to the old 1st division never knew why he was replaced by Dai Davies in the 1st division
17-11-18 Dean b Swansea

Stewart, David I think this entry is confusing him with Dave Harvey who according to a interview with Dave Stewart in 2008 in the Daily Record stated HARVey was working in Jewelery. I believe Dave Stewart was working in West Lothian for Post Office until his retirement.

Stewart, David Sorry folks I'm talking rubbish, again, just checked with record article. It was a bit ambiguous but it does sat Davie Stewart is in Wales. Sorry for that.

Stewart, David I played with David as a boy of 16 in Glasgow - he was a pro even then - he dressed in all black kit - like Lev Yashin - and had a number 1on his back - almost unheard of back then - I lobbed him one day - problem was we were on the same side - and my perfect lob was meant to be a back pass! The team was called Clansman Athletic - would have been about 1963 or so

Stewart, David I was very friendly with david and his wife Ann, when he played for Ayr Unitedand would like to get in touch with him again Alan S Berwick

Stewart, David I knew David when he played for Ayr United. He used to leave 'comp' tickets for some matches. When he moved to Leeds, we lost contact. It would be great to get in touch with him again.

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