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Peter Storey

Peter Storey

Clubs played for: Arsenal, Fulham. (1965-1977).

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Farnham, Surrey

Position: Full-back/Defensive midfielder

Biography: He ran a market stall in the West End of London after spells as a publican and working as a driver, he was later fined for running a brothel, and served time in prison for a variety of crimes, now lives in France with his third wife and runs a smallholding.

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Storey, Peter Always loved watching Peter, never got to meet him, wish him well x
09-05-22 Christine

Storey, Peter I'm his cousin and haven't seen him in so long. Lost touch when he moved to France and our respective parents passed. Would love to see him if anyone knows his address. His mum and my dad were brother and sister. Always had Arsenal flags and posters up in the house when Peter played. My dad and my uncle Eddie Peters' dad used to go and watch him play all the time .
23-02-22 michelle cawson

Storey, Peter I grew up as a youngster with Pete on Longacre Estate in Ash. He was a school mate and lived five doors from me on the estate. He played football for the Aldershot and Farnborough schools
01-12-21 Ken Matthews

Storey, Peter I grew up on an estate-Aubert court-which was right behind the Arsenal clockend Highbury-during the late 60's & 70's. Me and my mates used to play football on the street by the big old green gates of the clockend which staff and players used to go through to enter the ground on weekdays and we used to meet and talk to all the Arsenal first team players, one of which was Peter Storey.
He was a nice bloke,always had time for us kids, he sometimes had a kick about with us(football) and he also taught me a bit of boxing! Think he was half pissed turning up for training or physio during the week!-these were the days when the players would drink pints of lager at half time and walk out for the 2nd half of the game with a fag in their mouths and toss them as they came out!

After Peter left Arsenal we used to hear all sorts about him and his latest antics as he worked in the area at a taxi office near Kings Cross,these tales are not for repeating on here but lets just say he was a wild one!-just like Charlie George, an absolute lunatic in his day but calmed down a lot now.
31-12-20 Mark Gittings

Storey, Peter he did not live in farnham but in ash

16-03-20 james marlow

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