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Bruce Stuckey

Bruce Stuckey

Clubs played for: Exeter City, Sunderland, Torquay United, Reading, Torquay United, Bournemouth. (1965-1976).

Born: 1947

Birthplace: Torquay

Position: Right winger

Biography: Settled in Torquay and was working as a child care Officer at Dawlish.

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Stuckey, Bruce I also played cricket with Bruce for Vaux Welfare during his time at Sunderland AFC. I have recently found a wooden shield with Bruce's name engraved on it when we won the league in 1970. I would like to get the shield to Bruce even though it's 50 years late! If anyone is in touch with him or has contact details please email me. Thank you, Gordon Bacon
10-12-20 Gordon Bacon

Stuckey, Bruce When he played for Sunderland, he came to play cricket for us (vaux breweries) he was a good cricketer
03-08-20 Jimmy potts

Stuckey, Bruce I remember seeing Bruce play in a friendly for Sunderland against the Mariners Southshields at Simon side hall in the sixties my friends and I were all excited to see him.We had read about him in our local paper and could not believe such a big star was coming to our ground.
09-06-20 Alex Thomson

Stuckey, Bruce Bruce used to come to Jersey at the Merton hotel. My dad Romano was bar manager and Bruce would bring programmes, scarf, and stuff for me. Nice guy and wonder how he is doing? Cheers Steve
12-12-19 Steve Eusebini

Stuckey, Bruce I met Bruce at a pub in Torquay I thought he was a comedian, did not know who he was,after a few visits over 12 months, the barman told me. He always spoke to me we have now become good friends is a true gentleman.

Stuckey, Bruce Bruce enjoys socialising and singing karaoke in Newcastle. Still looks good and can party with the best of them.

Stuckey, Bruce I played with Bruce Stuckey at our school Vincent Thompson School and went on to win the League and shcool cups in 1959. Bruce came along in the following years and made our school one of the strongest in the area with many of his team mates making professionals. Wonder where he ended up in his retirment years.

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