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Alan Sunderland

Alan Sunderland

Clubs played for: Wolverhampton Wanderers, Arsenal, Ipswich Town. (1971-1985).

Born: 1953

Birthplace: Conisbrough, Yorkshire

Position: Forward

Biography: Ran a property rental company and sold insurance before becoming Licensee of the Halberd Inn near Ipswich has moved to Malta where he has coached and lives in semi retirement.

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Sunderland, Alan I was a bus driver for Yorkshire Traction in Rawmarsh. Alan's mother was a bus conductor. She was German - a right nice lady.
23-08-20 michael harrod

Sunderland, Alan I was in a year lower than Alan Sunderland and didn’t really know him or of him. One day we clashed in the playground. Can’t recall the why’s and wherefores but I thought I was reasonably handy if it came to a scrap. It did shape up and we went head to head. I was flat on my back before I knew what happened with Alan looking over me saying, “had enough”. Enough I hadn’t got a clue how I ended up there he was so fast. Just a very brief encounter 😁
05-02-20 Peter DILCOCK aka Danny

SUNDERLAND, Alan I was in Malta, and sat ,and discussed purchasing a property on the island with Alan! I was able to advise him as I had a property there. Later, I heard he had purchased a property in Marsaslok, Malta!
Pete Baguley

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