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Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

Clubs played for: Rochdale,West Ham United,Norwich City,Cambridge United,Hull City,Burnley & Bury

Born: 1953

Birthplace: Hinckley

Position: Striker

Biography: A Striker he played in the Football League between 1973-1989. He is best remembered for his time at West Ham United between 1974-79. He played in the 1975 F A Cup Final when West Ham beat Fulham 2-0 and scored both the goals. He had previously scored two goals in both the quarter final and semi final. He came on as a substitute in the 1976 European Cup Winners Cup Final which West Ham lost 4-2 against Anderlecht. He ended his playing career in 1989 at non league Bury Town and later Thetford Town and Dereham. He then became a milkman. Later he ran a newsagents, Taylors News in Norwich with his wife for 16 years. He now helps out in a newsagents in Bradenham. He also works as a pall bearer for funeral directors Littleproud and Son. He is also involved in corporate hospitality at West Ham United.

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Taylor, Alan I played with Alan at Millhead. Steve Sainsbury and I caught the bus and Alan jumped in at Bolton- le- Sands. I remember some guy in the crowd saying ‘ that lad will make it one day’; he was right of course.

I went to Wembley to see him in 1975. Incredible day just to hear the Hammers fans singing his name on the tube!
30-05-23 David Woods

Taylor, Alan I lived in the same village as Alan Taylor, Bolton-le-sands, near Carnforth, Lancs. We used to play football together on the village green and we won a 5-a-side competition on Morecambe pier along with his brother. I also played for Ridge Rovers, Lancaster, and played against him. Great player and it was great that he was successful in his football career.
02-08-22 Tim Smith

Taylor, Alan At the age of 11-15, I delivered milk to Alan Taylor when he lived in Billericay in 1975, near Bell Hill. He drove a green TR7, and his wife was (still is) beautiful. I got his autograph a few times too. He was so nice, and a great player.
22-03-22 Mick Kemp

Taylor, Alan I went to Lancaster and Morecambe college with Alan, we were apprentice mechanics. We were friends at college the time. We both played at youth level in the under 18 north Lancs league. Alan was fast and a goal scorer a really good player. I remember I played for Ridge Rovers and he played for Lancaster lads club in a match that ended 4-4 and he was outstanding.
03-06-21 Tony Stevenson

Taylor, Alan I live on the street that Alan Taylor ran his Newsagents from. He was a brilliant newsagent and excellent with the customers. I really missed him and his shop when it closed. Nothing that has replaced it has lasted and the shop is still empty. Come back Alan :)
27-08-20 Louise B

Taylor, Alan I was a youth team player at Preston North End. I distinctly remember a pre match talk from the "coaches" in which Alan was told, that he had to perform in the game or he was out of the club. This was acted out in front of the whole of the team getting ready for kick-off. At the time I took it as normal that this was motivational. It was bullying. He was a year younger than me (16) I was 17. Thank goodness he had the resiliance to keep going and what a result..2 goals in an FA Cup Final. I salute you and your talent.
19-08-20 Simon Allenu

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